INOVASI Training & Dev.


Today’s organizations compete in an environment characterized by frequent shiftsTrainingin customer buying patterns, changes to the organizational construct, open markets and rapid technological advances. To successfully meet these challenges, organizations must strive for new and innovative ways of becoming a Learning Organization of which Knowledge Centers with its enabling technology is a significant component. We strive to help organizations rise to be the best and energies them to become exceptional at what they do. To be successful organizations must become learning organizations, fostering their ability to respond rapidly to competitive threats and new markets via competent human capital. Management must have well-designed internal processes and mechanisms for continuously determining the right competencies and an organizational infrastructure that supports the human capital to gain a competitive advantage. Training & Development can be leveraged as a learning tool to achieve organizational success through increased intellectual capital and performance management.

INOVA Training & Development Division is focused on helping organizations to effectively manage its People and Processes. We provide training & development workshops, organizational and individual assessments, and consulting services. Our aim is to help leaders and managers in an organization create an environment where employees want to be responsible for their work. Our main stay has been creating unbeatable long term Human Capital Development Strategy for our clients. Our focus is on working with our clients on long-term projects that have measurable and meaningful impacts on their bottom-line.  We believe that only an on-going process of learning at all levels of an organization can have any real lasting impact on increasing employee and customer engagement.


INOVASI delivers customized training & development workshops, online learning, online and paper based assessments, designed using its innovative approach. All workshops are conducted by trainers who are specialized in the subject-matter, and will facilitate skill transfer and personalize the learning experience for each participant. Programs are targeted to:

  • Mid – and senior – level leadership;
  • Emerging managers;
  • Human resource staff; and
  • Other high potentials identified by your organization.