INOVASI Recovery Services


Procrastination and the lack of appropriate, systematic and consistent action on the Recoverypart of creditors is the main cause for poor debt recovery.  Debt recovery process requires specialized analytical and person-handling skills, close monitoring and effective follow-up to ensure success. Most corporations and government agencies do not possess the necessary technical, human, and financial resources required for the task of debt recovery.

As such, we created a collection agency managed by a group of professionals from the financial sector as a one-stop center to provide innovative, cost-effective and timely solutions to recover, restructure and manage credit on behalf of its clients.

Our collection executives are carefully selected and undergo compulsory training in debt recovery and the relevant areas of law that affects them. They have at least two years experience in recovery methods and are well versed in the areas of debt analysis, debtor categorization, debtor handling and the collection processes. The executives are highly motivated and professional in carrying out their duties and are constantly trained by our in-house lawyers and trainers to keep them in touch with the latest developments in the industry. This ensures that out client’s image is always protected.

Our Products & Services

As a one-stop integrated credit Management Company, the services that we provide include:

  • Debt Collection
  • Credit Restructuring
  • Purchase of Non Performing Loans
  • Legal Services