INOVASI Electronic Security


Rapid innovations in electronics and surveillance technology rendered it impossible Securityto decide on the right level of security for protection. Infusion of new scientific discoveries into the home security systems transformed them into intelligent systems that could be controlled remotely through LAN or the internet and “think” as to the right cause of action. While security options kept growing, clients were unable to make an informed decision. As the need for security escalated, so did the number of security solution providers, initially many jumped on the bandwagon and gave the industry a bad name.

In 1998, we expanded into electronic security and formed a division called INOVA Electronic Security. We decided to empower the client and help them make an informed decision as to the level of security that they needed. The rapid expansion of this division proved our initial guess right, where shoddy dealers were giving bad advice, or dealers did not have the right expertise in this area. We are committed to innovation and work towards providing the best security solution for our clients.   We develop security solutions that encompass our guiding philosophy of “detect, delay and respond’ and are confident that the ever growing demands of our customers will provide the catalysts for continuous evolution at INOVA Electronic Security.

To service our clients more effectively, we are now distributors of some well known brands of alarm equipment, security systems, access control systems and CCTV equipment. In addition, we are in the process of establishing our own CMS service with twenty-four hours response teams. In addition, we have also established working relationship with selected companies in the industry to ensure comprehensive security solutions. It is our mission to provide the most effective security solution at a highly competitive price, whilst harnessing the very best that technology has to offer.


  • BOSCH – CCTV Cameras
  • FBII – Security System
  • APEX – Automation System
  • SKOUT – Remote Monitoring System
  • CENTAUS – Access Control System


  • Consulting on security design
  • Security system evaluation
  • Implementing project
  • Project management
  • Maintenance